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Liking by Tag

One of the most basic feature. You like pictures with your Instagram profile on a specific tag or several tags. You can target a large group of people that have used the specific tag in their Instagram posts. You may need to consider what type of pictures you would like…

Liking by Instagram Account

This feature is an feature where you can target a specific group of people who have already shown that they have interest in specific profiles. What this feature does is that it likes the pictures from followers of a specific or several Instagram account that you enter. This is powerful tool to get followers.

Liking by GEO-location

You can target local Instagram users using this function.  All the pictures that are geo-tagged within your choosen range will be liked. This will give you a target of local audience.

Liking the newsfeed

You have to stay in touch with people that you are following and it is important that you show that you are there and like their pictures. We automated this process so you don’t need to check Instagram all day. This feature is great for showing loyalty to the people that you are following.

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